Fixed: Exceptional News For All Bike Enthusiasts Around the Globe

In 2008 with the fixed gear bike craze at a pinnacle, the launch of Fixed Magazine, was exceptional news to all bike enthusiasts around the globe. Showing much support for the community, Fixed decided to make their 1st issue in a PDF downloadable format free of cost.
Then Fixed Magazine released it’s 2nd issue for Winter 2008. It included the English review of the stage bike track in Milan, Italy. This issue also discussed the creation of the Macaframa movie, which first took place in London. The movie was the most anticipated of the year for it’s kind. At the time this was probably the most complete magazine on a single culture out there.

This was their website.
Content is from some of their 2008 -2009 blog post pages.



Launch party! Free drinks!

June 15th, 2008

Come help us celebrate the launch of Fixed Magazine at The Carhartt Store, 18 Ellingfort Road, Hackney, London. E8 3PA. The party starts at 5pm on Saturday 21st June and will feature the premiere of Bootleg Sessions 2, as well as competitions, drinks and of course, the launch of Fixed Magazine.

We hope to see you there!



Almost there…

June 15th, 2008

Fixed magazine will be ready to ship on Saturday 21st 2008. It’s on the press at the moment and will be ready to go very soon




We’re getting some good press…

June 18th, 2008

…thanks to various friends around the world.

Tracko - the world’s best track bike site

Slam X Hype - as if you’ve never heard of it

KL Fixed - Malaysian fixed gear site - guys, get in touch, we want to do something with you!


Street Thing - Asian streetwear site

Canoe - UK PR company

And check out Fixed Gear London in the new issue of Vapors magazine!

Thanks to everyone for your support!



Good things come to those who wait…

June 18th, 2008

But right now it’s agony. The magazine is at the binders today, which means we’re on track to pick up the first batch on Friday. It’s going to be fun trying to carry 600 magazines on bikes, but there you go.

Don’t forget to come out to the launch party at The Carhartt Store, 18 Ellingfort Road, Hackney, London. E8 3PA from 5-9pm on Saturday 21st June. We’re going to have some drinks, watch the premiere of Bootleg Sessions 2, then have a few fun comps and of course be giving out the magazine.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of a stack of sections we got at the printers a couple of days ago.

So stoked…



X marks the spot…

June 20th, 2008

…just in case you don’t know the way to The Carhartt Store for today’s launch party, here’s a map.


Council of Doom…

June 20th, 2008

We saw this over at Tracko and wanted to share… Council of Doom’s new movie is up on Vimeo but only for 48 hours.


Styling, great music and some progressive shit…

Good work, doom merchants!


It seems like a long time ago…

June 20th, 2008

…that we started putting this mag together, five people with an idea to do something new. It’s Friday morning right now and we’ll be picking up the first issues of the mag this afternoon. We’re excited, apprehensive - but mostly pure stoked.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far. Wish us luck for tomorrow’s launch. If you’re a bike shop and you’d like to stock the mag, please drop us a line here

Have fun riding this weekend, we’re going to…


03 Aug 2009

Love for the mag…

…we got this email from a store in the UK earlier this week. It really tickled us.

“Your magazine was an excellent toilet companion for many a leg-numbing hour, I can blame my deep vein thrombosis on what can only be called the best bit of propaganda since the Nazis, I mean this in a good way, I am totally gonna strip my racer and make it into a fixey, I loved every article.

All though I own a core skate shop and not a bike shop there is definate relevance to skating with crossover fashion and heroes.

So what can I do to stock your mag in my shop? My copy has been overly thumbed through and is falling apart, if it is at all possible please can I stock your mag, we have a velodrome in Newport right by the new skate park, how good does it get?

Well done again, Grim”


01 Aug 2008

Issue 2 Whaaaat?!

By Andy

Autumn 2008 is coming together as I type… That’s why no body has been updating the site!!!

Subscriptions and all that other stuff is still under construction. Please stay calm. We have held back a few copies just for this purpose.

Issue 2 is due out at the end of August.

Macaframa, Cadence, youth and girls is all I’m saying right now.

Peace Andy


30 Nov 2008

Fixed Issue 2 Launch and Macaframa Premiere…

We are proud to announce the launch of Fixed issue 2 & The European premiere of Macaframa!

Saturday 6th of December is the date,

Launch & premiere from 12pm (midday) will be at the RichMix on Bethnal Green Road. Afterparty from 6pm will be @ The Secret Market, 255 Commercial Road. (Please see additional information on the attached flyer)

£7 for all events, £5 for the after party only

(Please note, there are only 140 tickets to see Macaframa)

Tickets will be available from: Brick Lane Bikes, Tokyo Fixed Gear on Brick Lane, Cavendish Cycles on New Cavendish St, Brick Lane Polo Court on Sunday (see Andy or Ian), Tuesday Trix @ Spitalfields Carpark and other places to follow…

We hope you can join us to celebrate this! - Andy, Editor @ Fixed


01 Dec 2008

This one’s got us excited…

The guys over at the Trick Track forum have been writing some pretty positive things about the new Cutter frameset from Volume BMX company. If you’ve ever seen any of the stuff BMXers are doing these days, you’ll know that the bikes have to be strong and durable.

The Cutter is built from the same steel as Volume’s BMX frames, with reinforced gussets, but a tight track geometry. What’s more, there’s a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship against the frame and fork, which mens if you bend it under normal riding conditions, it will get replaced.

The Cutter is going to be landing in the UK and Europe in the early part of December, with a UK retail price of £289 for the frame and fork. The first shipment is very limited, so if you want one, you’re going to have to be quick. Get in touch with the distributor for more information.


01 Dec 2008

It’s that time…

IMAGE: fixed-2-printimg_3074.jpg

We just got back from our printers after passing the first few sections of the magazine, including the cover - it’s looking tight! Can’t wait…

The magazine officially drops in London at 6pm on Saturday 6th December with shipments going out to bike shops the same day. If you’re in London, make sure you come to the Launch Party and Macaframa premiere.

Just like last issue, we will have a PDF available for FREE download, by following the link from our site. Make sure you come back here on Sunday 7th for details!


03 Dec 2008

This is amazing!

BERLIN KEIRIN AD from Danny Baarz on Vimeo.

New advert from the guys at Keirin Berlin. Hit them up if you’re out there!

The eagle-eyed among you will notice that there’s no Berlin story in issue 2 of Fixed - right after we decided to go it seemed like everybody had the same idea, so we postponed… Looks like we’ll be heading out there in the next couple of months (just when it’s REALLY cold) but at least we’ll get that authentic cold war look…

Sorry, Berlin.


02 Dec 2008


Cadence have just released their new Winter collection and it’s a good thing, because it’s fricking freezing out there! The new line has all the attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from Dustin Klein’s company and has obviously been put together by someone who really cares about their product.

Dustin’s eight-page interview is in issue 2 of Fixed, which will be released on the 6th December and shipping to bike stores the same day.


11 Dec 2008


Ok, the magazine is printed and slowly making its way to the outlets all over the world. We still have copies of issue #1 which will be available on ebay of all places! We are currently sorting out our website… the down-loadable pdf will be available (fingers crossed) by the end of the week, we are making a few tweaks to it.

The launch/premiere was amazing!


13 Dec 2008

Issue 2 download here!

You can downlod the PDF if issue 2 of Fixed magazine by clicking here. Enjoy! Send it to your friends and help us get the word out.



16 Dec 2008

Patience, young Padawan…           

A few people have had trouble with the PDF of issue two of Fixed Mag. We’ve looked into it, and it seems that you’re just too eager to read the issue - if you wait until the download is complete then you should be able to read it with no problems.

That said, Bruno Santos mentioned that he had problems reading his version using Evince (Gnome’s PDF reader) but when he used Ghostscript, it was fine. The best thing to do is download Adobe’s PDF reader - we used Adobe Acrobat to make the PDF, so it stands to reason that Adobe’s reader will be best to open it with.

Thanks, please let us know if you’re still having problems.


22 Dec 2008


Outlier are a new cycle-specific clothing label from New York City who’s aim is to produce high quality clothing that works well and looks good both on and off your bike. And they’ve succeeded in their aim by utilising high quality, technical fabrics with a style that looks just right. We’re a bit slow on the uptake with this one as a lot of the product has already sold, but take a look at the website to see what’s there. We’ll be featuring Outlier in issue three of Fixed as part of our New York City story, too!

The OUTLIER Experimental Drop - December 2008

An Outlier product is not your typical garment. We strive to make what we call future classics, garments that don’t just last a season but instead work for decades. That means we are always in action, always tweaking cuts and experimenting with fabrics, always striving towards producing the perfect garments.

The experimental drop is a series of extremely limited production runs of the garments we expect to be producing full on a few months down the line. It’s for the people who want to be ahead of the curve, who want to taste the future before the rest of the world knows it exists.

These are garments that are deep into our development process, we are pretty damn sure they’re amazing, but we still want to test a bit more before we can give them that Outlier “future classic” seal of approval. With this series we are giving you a way in on the newness before the rest of the world is ready.

For the next four days we will be releasing one garment a day, each of which we have produced just 10 garments, give or take a few depending on the fabric.

TODAY we will be releasing a version of our OG Pant in a new Workwear fabric. The exterior is a tough canvas, the inside a soft fleece. This is the durable one, its got a high abrasion resistance, and Lotus treatment so that dirt and grease rolls off when exposed to water. It breathes great, is highly water resistant and dries fast. Available in a dark blueish gray.

WEDNESDAY we drop the Tech Hoodie in our Winterweight fabric. The cut is clean and minimal, with a big hood that can go over helmets. The fabric is designed to keep you warm and dry. Fleecey and heat retaining with an nice stretch on the inside, yet super breathable, and wicking as well. Highly water resistant and quick drying. The exterior weave includes Cordura for real durability and abrasion resistance. It’s a great winter layer and works flawlessly as a spring jacket too.

THURSDAY is another killer experimental fabric, a Dry Cotton version of our OG Pant. Combines the crisp yet soft handfeel of cotton with the performance you expect from an Outlier garment. Cotton is a great fabric when it’s dry and terrible when it’s wet. By using an equal mix of cotton and nylon (and just a touch of stretch) and adding a directional Dry treatment, this fabric handles rain and sweat like it ain’t no thing. Breathes, wicks, drys fast and is highly water resistant, so it keeps that cotton charm even when the environment turns raw.

FRIDAY brings it all together with a Workwear version of the Tech Hoodie. All we can say is, we love this garment. We made 11 and then both of us promptly stole one for ourselves. That leaves just 9 so don’t sleep on this drop.

Ride safe and ride strong.


08 Mar 2009

Damn! It’s been a long time…

We are neglecting this site. We have been working hard on the keeping the mag on time.

Next issue #3 is out in 2 weeks time.

but for now…


This is your chance to show off your Fixed Gear bike skills and win the FGLDN Custom Vans Bike.

We’re looking for a 2-3 minute max short film about you riding - the subject matter can be anything, it’s not just about the tricks but must be based around Fixed Gear bike riding only. The best video, judged by FixedGearLondon will get their hands on the one of a kind, never to be built again, custom bike created by FGL showcasing their interpretation of what a Vans fixed bike should be.

Entries will be judged on creativity, not riding ability…so whether you are a novice or expert we want to see your video! Get busy filming - courier, alley cat fanatic, polo player, tricks or commuting - get filming and submit your video to the mpora/fixed channel.

Fixedgearlondon will solely pick the winner. The competition is not based on the amount of views or hits you receive - all videos will be watched and judged by Andy and Ted themselves. Get involved!

Click here!!!

We don’t care where you are from! This is an international competition.